Extreme Networks, founded in 1996, provides high performance, open networking innovations for enterprises, hosting companies and Internet Exchange Points. Extreme Networks’ Open Fabric data center and campus network solutions offer leading performance, resiliency and energy efficiency over wired and wireless. To know more about Extreme Networks please visit www.extremenetworks.com

Extreme Networks Enterprise Mobility

Extreme Networks offers the Mobile Enterprise Solution designed for growing numbers of users, devices, and virtualized machines, all of which are in constant motion. From devices accessing the network edge via wired, wireless and remote access to virtual machines moving in the data center, the Extreme Networks Mobile Enterprise Solution helps address many demanding IT tasks and complex architectural challenges with an automated network.

Automation, Intelligence and Personalization

The Extreme Networks Mobile Enterprise Solution is built on an intelligent switching architecture that features ExtremeXOS®, a modular operating system proven for performance, security, resilience, ease of use, scalability, and flexibility. The Extreme Networks solution makes it easier for IT to provide a great personalized experience for the user and improve productivity for their business or operation from the converged network edge to the cloud.
Extreme Networks accomplishes this with automation and intelligence to reduce the time IT devotes to administration and keeping users on-net with the services they need. So hospitals can improve learning, government can improve service, and businesses can improve profitability.

Ethernet Mobile Backhaul Solution

A broad range of sophisticated yet affordably priced mobile devices, coupled with unrelenting subscriber demands for rich, compelling services, are providing mobile operators with new opportunities for revenue streams. To meet the exponential increase in bandwidth capacity required to serve these demands, mobile operators are committed to deploying next-generation mobile backhaul networks. Extreme Networks® Ethernet Mobile Backhaul solution*, is designed for the unique demands of mobile operators, offering resilient synchronous Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) backhaul to provide support for multiple generations of services. Mobile operators can lower their capital expenses (CapEx) and operational expenses (OpEx) by reducing the number of network elements and simplifying operations.

Data Center Solutions

The data center is changing. Demands are increasing, not only in terms of raw speed but also scale. Where once a single image on a single physical server fed a connection, now there are multiple virtual systems on that same physical host, creating demand for the ability to support more routes, addresses and flows within the data center than ever.

Wireless LAN Solutions

Extreme Networks® WLAN Solutions help you achieve the cost and productivity benefits of mobile computing. Our fully 802.11-compliant offerings imbue WLANs with the intelligence to identify devices and users as they connect; flawlessly adjust the level, confidentiality, quality and type of services being delivered; track and locate roaming connections and portable equipment; and monitor for and safeguard against unauthorized machines, activity, sessions and users.