EVault® offers full-service backup and recovery delivered by a network of experts, leveraging the very best cloud-connected technology and infrastructure. We make sure you can always get your data back. It’s what we call failproof recovery.

EVault Endpoint Protection Puts IT in control of backup

EVault Endpoint Protection gives IT detailed control over corporate endpoint with non-intrusive, automated backup that synchronizes data to your choice of a public or private cloud, or to a cloud connected™ (hybrid) solution.

EVault Software Onsite server backup

EVault® Software securely, efficiently, quickly, reliably, and automatically backs up multi-platform (Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) and physical and virtual server environments, onsite and remotely. Manage and monitor your backups through a secure, central interface—accessible wherever you can use a web browser—and get simple data protection across networks, including remote and branch offices.

EVault Express Recovery Appliance Fast, local data access

EVault® Express Recovery Appliances are purpose-built to give you fast, local access to your backup data and—because they automatically replicate backups from your onsite vault to the EVault cloud—ensure offsite protection in case of a disaster.

EVault Plug-n-Protect Fast-track onsite data protection

Every EVault® Plug-n-Protect all-in-one backup and recovery appliance comes with all you need for complete onsite data protection. You get every benefit of an EVault solution—disk-based data protection; efficient and secure data transfers; central management; global data de-duplication, and more—plus easy deployment.

EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service Guaranteed by a 4-hour SLA

EVault® Cloud Disaster Recovery Service with the 4-hour SLA option gives you all the protection of our 24- and 48-hour cloud disaster recovery services: the expert EVault team to manage DR planning, testing, and recovery; simple and secure online access to your recovered systems for as long as you need; and a guaranteed recovery time.

EVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service Guaranteed by 24- or 48-hour SLAs

Provides all what you want in a cloud disaster recovery service. A complete network of experts is available to manage your DR planning and testing, and to be on hand 24/7/365 to handle your recovery after a disaster.

EVault Long-Term Storage Service (EVault LTS2) Preserve and manage for decades

EVault® LTS2 is a new, fully managed IaaS cloud storage service that manages and preserves skyrocketing volumes of digital assets with complete data integrity—for as long as you need them (from months to several decades), with instant access, and at a low total cost of ownership.