Managed Security Devices

Managed Security Devices

Our Managed Security Devices provide full management and 24/7 monitoring for a wide range of systems.
Sevengate can handle your on-premises customer Firewalls, as well as offering Intrusion Prevention Systems, and advanced Intrusion Detection System technologies.
The management we provide also includes, but is not limited to, monitoring traffic alerts.
We can take charge of applying rules and policies as well.
Subscribe today for supervised security infrastructure and peace of mind.
We provide round-the-clock protection and monitoring of your systems, whatever your business.
This is an excellent service for a range of corporations, offering a scalable and flexible solution which grants you peace of mind and solid protection with our advanced devices and expertise.

Suitable for:

- Small businesses
- Medium to large businesses and enterprises

Why Use this Service:

- Monitor your device log, data events.
- Easy configuration and administration.
- Conduct 24/7 devices health check.
- Comprehensive and analytic reports.
- Remotely installs security devices patches, and software upgrades.